While the Smartphone market obsesses over their Galaxies and iPhones, two high-end contenders from HTC One series are ready to give them a run for their money. The Smartphones have the high-functioning precision that HTC always delivers and the HTC Sense UI works beautifully with the Android ICS to provide a rich user experience. Check out the complete analysis between these HTC phones:

HTC One X vs HTC One S

HTC One S vs HTC One V


HTC One X has a polycarbonate unibody casing. Even though it is made of plastic, it does not look like a tacky handset built without much thought. It has a glossy trim on the edges though, which puts off the more aesthetic users. On the other hand, HTC One S has an unusual external structure with a microarc oxidized ceramic layer casing the handset. According to HTC, it is four times stronger than aluminum. However, complaints of the ‘tough’ layer chipping off have watered down its reputation a little. HTC has claimed to have fixed this problem by changing the manufacturing process. On the downside, none of the phones allow you to access the battery.


HTC One X will satisfy your eyes with the Super IPS display, which is a welcome change from the top Smartphones of 2011 that adopted the S-LCD screens. HTC One S is one step ahead with a striking AMOLED screen. But it does not give it a clear advantage because both have their pros and cons. While Super IPS display looks more real, it sorely misses the universal backlight AMOLED takes full advantage of. Again, AMOLED’s downfall is the saturation which sometimes looks too gaudy.


HTC One X uses the Tegra 3 quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz while One S runs on a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor. You might think this automatically makes HTC One X better than S, but not necessarily so. For one, with both processors running at 1.5GHz, you will hardly notice the difference on running frequently-used apps and games.

Software & Performance

Both the phones run on Android 4.0 with HTC Sense overlay. This means on the software front it is difficult to decide a winner. The Sense UI has some nice features (a Face Unlock) that clinch the deal for the phones.

Verdict: HTC One X is better than HTC One S

First off, with HTC One X’s quad-core pitted against HTC One S’s dual-core, we have to give the prize to HTC One X. True, the day-to-day tasks do not truly exploit the quad-cores potential, but it is more responsive and a better multi-tasker. Also, the internal storage of HTC One X is twice that of HTC One S, so all the more music and videos and apps for you if you buy the former. Finally, the connectivity is a lot more advanced in HTC One X with transaction and NFC capabilities and HSPA+ (168mbps) instead of S’s HSPA (42 mbps). Taking all that into account I pick HTC One X over its S counterpart, even though HTC One S is by no means a bad phone.