A keen Android phone user looks out for apps accomplishing all their needs. It is the reason that experts have designed apps for every domain like web development apps. The web development apps let you to create web pages from the beginning and test them as well on the server. The file can also be moved to any outside web host through FTP app. The analytics tools allow the users to analyse the website completely. Take a look at these top seven web development apps for Android devices and choose the best one for you.




This FTP app lets the users to relocate the files through FTP, SFTP, FTPS and SCP. This app comes with a file browser as well as FTP file browser which allow you to see the files on the remote server and Android device. One can easily create folders, rename them, copy them, delete them and set permissions.

JavaScript Reference

JavaScript is the only reference app in the market today that is obtained from the W3CSchool’s documentation. This app accesses a clean and easy to use interface to carry out operations.  Though there are other reference tools for HTML and CSS, but this is the one that is derived from, W3CSchool. This app is really a great source that covers entire JavaScript objects, HTML DOM objects and browser items as well.

Analytix for Google Analytics

Most of the people are used to in working with Google Analytics. For them, this app is of great use. This app allows you to access the details of your Google Analytics account that too in real time. The clean visualisations provided by the app are very much helpful for carrying out SEO work.

WordPress for Android

Generally, every typical web developer has worked with the best of open source content management systems. For this reason, experts have designed WordPress for Android that allows you to work with those content management systems. Through this app, one can create posts, edit them and view stats. The in-built notification feature keeps you up-to-date with your work.

Joooid 1.1 Joomla! Editor

The content that includes images, HTML text, pictures and maps that too at GPS determined position can be published through this app. Joooid 1.1 Joomla! Editor can be easily installed in your Android device that makes it easy for you to create content and work with Joomla website.

View web source

Generally, every Android device does not support ‘View Source’ feature. Considering this problem, professionals have designed this app “View Web Source” that makes it a standard function on your Android device to view the sources. This app works as your expect it to be.

KWS Android Web Server

Basically, this web server runs on Android devices without any difficulty, this lightweight app works faster than any other app. loading pages on your device becomes a matter of few seconds through this app. You can easily notice this difference once you access this app on your Android device.

These are some of the top web development apps that can prove out to be the best for Android-loving website developer. So, download these apps and make your device a power-packed gadget.