5 Best Android Dictionary Apps

Do you remember the days when people used to keep the Cambridge or the Oxford dictionary with them? Some people used them for checking the meanings of unfamiliar word and some used them for making their vocabulary perfect. But looking for a particular word from the giant collection of terms is quite uninteresting. But due to revolution in technology and new style of Online Dictionaries, several dictionary apps have come up for the Android and iOS. These vocabulary applications for your android Smartphone’s have made everything much easier as all you need to do is type the word and tap on enter and the rest of the task is performed by the Android phone. Some of the best Dictionary apps for Android phones are:


dictionary app for Android


Dictionary.com is a free app and it is considered to be the most trusted application for your queries. It is indeed one of the finest dictionary applications holding smart features like tone search, home display widget and auditory pronunciation. It even consists of the Hot Term Blogs and Dictionary.com’s trendy term of the day. It includes all thesaurus as well dictionary content, around 376,000 words and meanings with 305,000 antonyms and synonyms. It also assists in spelling and phonetic errors with Term origin and the history.

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

It is a free dictionary app most respected and used in America. It comes along with many cool features like voice search, which allows you to search for a particular word without spelling it. Other additional features include antonyms, synonyms, illustrations of sentences, Term of the day, and many others. This app is a great help for education, reference, and terminology building and more.

Free Dictionary Org

Another great, free of cost online dictionary app that provides you perfect English meanings, antonyms, definitions, synonyms, accent and spellings. Some of the great features of this dictionary app are:

  • Self suggestions
  • Offline record inquiry when the network is not available
  • Incorporation of the Wikipedia
  • Quiz games
  • Searched terms displayed on Google (images)
  • History Research

Dictionary – WordWeb

Dictionary-WordWeb is a global dictionary and word hunter with around 300,000 potential searches for words and expressions. It is also offered as windows software. It includes American, British, as well as Canadian and the Asian English words, spelling suggestions, meanings, examples, related terms and synonyms without any irritating adverts. It even offers an offline auditory version separately.

Offline dictionaries

offline dictionaries android

Offline dictionaries

Offline dictionaries permit us to surf the dictionaries without any network connectivity, for instance if you are on an airplane, traveling overseas, out of the range of the cellular towers, or maybe you need to save up your battery! Then you must need to download the offline dictionaries application in your Androids. The offline dictionary application is fast, easy to access and free of cost and holds more than 172,000 English words and meaning based on the English dictionary.

If you are in search of helpful and reliable dictionary apps, then these are the top 5 Best Dictionary application for your Android phones.

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