Android applications have created a lot of buzz in the world of smartphone industry today. These applications are devised with Java programming language and are basically a Linux based operating system. The internet today offers plenty of apps for the users. There are many apps available in the market which are the most preferred apps for men. Some of the apps are designed keeping in mind that they would come handy for men. Given below are some of the best android apps for men:


Men’s Health Workouts

This Android app is loaded with the most popular workouts from the magazine. Divided in two sections of exercises and workouts, it allows the user to select exercises and follow the step by step instructions to perform the exercise. In addition there is a feature which records your weight and repetitions.


Mixologist  Drink Recipes

Mixologist for Android


This Android app for men is the ultimate bartending guide for those who love drinks. It contains over 8000 drink recipes with steps to make any drink. One of the coolest features in this app is the “Liquor Cabinet” which allows you to enter the world of liquors and cocktails. Other features include “Random Drinks” which can be used to find random cocktail recipes based on liquor, mixer that includes about 87 categories. Apart from drink recipes this app also allows user to learn the techniques of bartending.


How to Tie a Tie

How to tie a tie

How to Tie a Tie


This Android app allows you to learn to tie different kinds of necktie knots. It offers step by step instructions on tying a necktie. It contains about 20 different tie knots for neckties, bow ties, ascots and pocket squares. This app also gives you tips for selecting an ideal tie knot for any style or occasion.


UrbanDaddy is amazing Android app for men which helps you plan the perfect date. For this purpose you just have to tell the app about the city name, the name of the person and the neighborhood you are near. UrbanDaddy then works in finding out the best location for you to visit. This is indeed an advanced dating app for men.

Cool Guy- Style

This app offers a kind of virtual closet covering fashion shopping and wardrobe planning. With the use of this app users can create cool outfits for the day. It contains both formal and informal outfits for gents including matching glasses, shoes etc. It is the best app for grooming men.

These are some of the best apps specially designed and suited for men. So what do you think? Share your thoughts with us under comments.

Author’s Bio: The article is written by Jason who loves playing games at Zombie Games 365. This is Jason’s first article for Androidfirm.