Best Android Addictive Games

With mobile phones becoming more ubiquitous than any other thing the role played by mobile in our lives has also entered a new never-seen-before world. Mobile phones are fast becoming the gaming consoles and due to which there has been a revolution in the Android gaming market also. With the increasing popularity of the Android based devices there has been a significant increment in Android games too. These games are incredulously exciting, simple to play and most of them are free of cost with the option for the users to choose from a wide variety of heterogeneous gaming genres. With arresting graphics these games succeed in taking you to a whole new world of mobile gaming experience. This means you have to rummage the android universe full of junk in order to find a gem. This is the round of the best Android games in the market.

5 Best Android Addictive Games

Angry Birds

Best Android Addictive game

Angry Birds is a strategic puzzle game designed by Rovio Mobile, a Finnish firm designing computer games. The game was a huge rage when it was released for Apple’ iOS and now with its Android version in the market, it has walked past all the records of the games. The Android version of the game is free of cost in contrast to Apple’s version. The game is a mind engaging physics puzzle which reflects the professional and polished approach of its developers with the number of levels exceeding well enough 200. In the game the player has to pitch birds at pigs but still people never get enough of it.

Fruit Ninja

Best Android Addictive game

Fruit Ninza for Android really helps when you are pissed at someone. The game enables the players to release their pent up madness on pieces of fruits. Nothing is more pleasurable than slicing the vivacious watermelons and witnessing them bursting. With superb graphics Fruit Ninja unites mawkish sound effects and comes with enough game levels to keep you hooked to your Android device.

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD

Best Android Addictive game

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD is not at all memory friendlyand requires 600 MB space but let me explain why it is worth giving a shot. In exchange for exhausting the battery and memory space, this game combines jim dandy graphics, smashing sound quality, with Lamborghinis and Ferraris making the total of 42 cars and marvellous racing tracks set in terrific locations all furnished in HD quality. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD can be played with six players and alone. The game is in no doubt the best racing game available in Android, it is worthy of a try.

Zombie Dash

Zombie Dash for AndroidA game in the genre of survival game, Zombie Dash for Android combines the captivation of arcade games with impressive music graphics. The game graphics are efficacious with a fairly good number of game levels. The game comes with 4 adventure worlds supported by a long hours of gameplay. In order to survive in the city of zombies the player has to shoot the zombies and then run for his life in the game. All in all, Zombie Dash is a not-so-complex arcade game with high levels of engaging power which people can play during free time.

Yoo Ninja

Best Android Addictive game

Yoo Ninja is habit-forming game in which the player is a Ninja. As a Ninja the player has to cross various barriers by jumping in a gravity free space. The player cannot stop in between as it will make the darts hit him resulting in his death. He has to keep running forward with the knowledge of the route. The game is set in 4 different worlds and proceeds in a format of a story with 34 different levels.

My Verdict: Angry Birds is the Best Android Addictive Game

Angry Birds is without any doubt the most engaging and addictive Android game taking the credits for successfully combining engaging gameplay at low price and having a comic style. The new versions launched of Angry Birds are the testimony of its success. Also the game is set against the backdrop of destructive physics which makes it all the more appealing. The only disadvantage of the game being its addiction the bird-slinging game has indeed become the favourite of many. So give it a try and i am sure you won’t regret. Once you play it, you will find it difficult to keep yourself away from it.