Data loss is a very ordinary problem faced in mobile phones. The data loss may occur due to a variety of reasons. The accidental deletion of data from the memory card, unintentional overwriting and formatting, using the memory card devices that are not compatible, corruption of software and loss of volume may redound to the same. Other problems like physical damage caused to the mobile device due to overheating (when devices left in hot cars), dropping or misuse, and liquid damage cause a major memory loss. Stored text, multimedia and e-mail messages, to-do lists, list of bookmarks, pictures, sound clips and important documents gets obliterated as a result. Therefore, keeping a backup of the data is very significant.

Top 5 Android Apps to Back up and Restore data

To backup the data in a Smartphone, thousands of applications are developed. These applications help in keeping the copies of important data and restoring it, when required.

The top 5 Android apps used are: SMS Backup and Restore, MyBackup Pro, Backup Contacts and App Backup & Restore and Ultimate backup.

SMS backup and Restore

Android Apps to back up and restore data

SMS backup and Restore is an application that can be used to create backup of your text messages. If you want the backup to be updated periodically, this application is for you. You can now schedule the automatic backups and they will occur when you want. The backups are created in XML format on SD card and can be converted into other formats which you can e-mail easily. However, this application cannot be used for multimedia (MMS) messages.

Mybackup Pro application

If you have a rooted phoneMybackup Pro application is a boon. Using this application, you can not only backup your messages, text as well as multimedia, but also your pictures, music, video, call logs, home screen shortcuts, dictionary, downloaded applications and a lot more.

Backup contacts

The major problem faced by Android users is backing up the contacts, since the contacts are synced with numerous accounts. Thus, there are more than one storage locations of contacts. To deal with this problem, Backup contacts application is developed. It helps in combining data from all the accounts and creates a text file backup that can be mailed as an attachment or saved in SD card and dropbox. It must be noted that the file created will be in CSV (comma separated value) manner. This application also suffers from a drawback. The users cannot restore their contacts.

App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore is another app used to create application backups. It not only creates an automatic backup on installation but also arranges it by name, date or size. In addition to it, like other apps, backup is created on SD card and can be e-mailed. Although, you do not get a copy of the data or settings of app, but nevertheless, the apk files are restored.

Ultimate backup

If you want all the above features in one application, Ultimate backupshould not be missed. This app creates a backup of all the files in the phone and helps restoring them thereafter. In addition to this, you can update the backup, e-mail and store on SD card, which can also be translated in Spanish and Italian. Not only this, you can customize the look of the app, force close it and sort your data as and when required. As far as the flaws in the app are concerned- NONE!


Keeping data in safe and secured mode is vital, failure of which can cause big damages. We should always have backup data of our contacts, pictures, and other important files. Before you go for rooting your device it is always advisable to keep backup of your data. If you are unsuccessful in rooting, you may loose data. Hence, data in the form of second line of defence is of paramount importance.