Ever since the foundation of Android was laid into the ground, there has just been advancement only in the field of online application stores with Android being the highest grosser. Given below is a list of Top 5 Best Android Apps for Men which are the most preferable apps. There are lots of applications which have been designed keeping the fact that they would come handy to men. Such applications are available all over the internet and have been marked as one of the top 5 best Android apps for Men.

How to tie a tie App

How to tie a tie App

There are many men who never learnt how to tie the knot of the tie. This Android App is going to be very useful for them which will give them step by step instructions in a professional way to tie the knot. This App will provide knowledge to knot the tie in various ways.

UbanDaddy App

Planning in advance increases the beauty of any event. For that purpose this App is going to be perfect as this has a system to set the buzz before the happening date of the event. We can say this is an advanced dating App for men. This is an amazing Android App which will remind you the name of the person, the city name and who you planned to meet that day. It even offers suggestions regarding the best locales in the area.

Cool Guy- Style App

Fashion world is not only for females. Men too are stylish and choosy about their wardrobe setup and about their trendy look. Cool Guy App is a style planner and works like a shopping assistant for men. This App provides complete outfit range for gents, it has formal and informal both type of outfits including a combination of a cool dress with matching glasses, shoes etc. It has a column for hot looks, cool looks and Latest looks. It is a suitable and complete App for grooming men looks.

EverNote App

It can be called a Mobile Note which is used by majority of businessmen to keep updated with their cellular notes. Android based EverNote App works like a mobile note where one can maintain all sorts of information such as Photos, speech, recording, memos and their work related data. It is available free of cost on Google Play. This is such a wonderful app which will be helpful for men to schedule their work in proper way.

Mixilogy Drink Recipe App

This kind of App comes in lifestyle category. Today majority of men go to pub and restaurants to relax after their working hours. This kind of App provides many mixture dishes along with club tendering techniques. Every consumer should follow this app to get his right choice of drink.


If you are a techie, having a VPN is a must. Choosing the best VPN for Android phones may not be easy as you have so many options. You can give NordVPN a try.

All these above mentioned Apps are awesome. Today Android based devices have given us an opportunity to know what the latest trend in most things is. Available apps have made its nature unique and more informative. Everybody, specially men, find  Android Based Devices with all useful related Apps extremely convenient.