Back up is one of the basic and primary secrets for making sure that you do not lose all the work that your business cannot afford to lose. For any kind of business, it is extremely important that you keep records of every single event or accident that takes place in regard to your company, including financial records and other documents. Zoho presents to you one of the leading online document manager.

Zoho Docs for Android

Using the Zoho Docs for Android, you can access your documents online. This is an online document manager application that is perfect for both business owners and executives as well as for individuals who want to store their important documents, like those containing the bank details, in a safe and secure place. Using this online document manager application, you get to enjoy an extended access to your android mobiles and allows you to work on them on the go. In order to make proper and efficient use of this document manager, you need to register yourself to secure a Zoho account, through which the application itself will guide you. The Zoho online document manager software gives you the opportunity to enjoy extremely swift response to your inputs.

Top 20 Reasons you should Use Zoho Document Manager Software

  1. You get to access your documents online through Zoho’s versions of Writer, Docs, Show and Sheet.
  2. You can view the shared documents with other users.
  3. You can view any kind of files including PDF files, presentations, spreadsheets and documents.
  4. You will be able to search quickly and efficiently for your documents.
  5. You will be able to share your documents with other Zoho users.
  6. You can tag any document you want.
  7. You can upload any document or file using your Android smartphone or tablet directly to the Zoho Docs.
  8. You also get the benefit of logging in from the Google Apps.
  9. The software is also customizable so that it remembers your account information. This way, you will not have to enter your account details every time you want to upload a file.
  10. You can arrange your files and view them in a multi level structure of folders, thus increasing the organization of your files.
  11. The software also keeps a track of the changes that have been made to a document.
  12. You can search the files for a word or full sentences.
  13. You can add your files with a single click or by using the drag and drop feature.
  14. You can also send email attachments directly to the Zoho Docs.
  15. While sharing your files, you can share them easily and quickly as a link.
  16. You also get to enjoy role based access by taking control of the whole admission criteria.
  17. You can also send a file by attaching it to an email directly from the Zoho Docs.
  18. Zoho Docs also works as a very smart collaboration tool, letting you connect and work better in a team.
  19. You can manage your tasks by streamlining the work that you need to complete within a given deadline, according to their requirements.
  20. Users can give instant feedback through online chats and reviews.

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