Virgin Mobile strives to cater to its customer needs in the best manner possible, when it comes to mobile phone technology and communications. Mobile phones are an integral part of communications today and a vast proportion of the urban population across the globe is in possession of the technology.


It would probably be more appropriate to say that most individuals in the developed and developing countries are dependent on mobile phone technology for their inter-personal, business and other kinds of communication needs. Customers of mobile phone technology service providers cater to a market comprising a vast age group of young student populations, working groups, business entrepreneurs, and even individuals from the more advanced age groups. In short, mobile phones and the associated technology are meant for every demographic section of the society.

This technology, however, has increased competition among the mobile phone technology service providers. Reduced costs, free texting and calling facilities, and many more offers characterise the competitive nature of the technology. Virgin Mobile, though quite keen on its competitiveness, is also considerate towards the needs and requirements of its customers and the mobile phone users, generally.

In this context, the phone company has a new offer for mobile phone users. Free SIM cards from Virgin Mobile are going to be a great relief for mobile phone users. Under this scheme, the benefit is that users who opt to go for this offer can grab their free SIM card from Virgin mobile and then pay on the go. Once you have taken a free SIM card from Virgin Mobile, you can next go in for one of their great offers such as Big Talk or Big Data and Texts.

Big Talk offers customers the option to top-up for specified amounts with related offers that include unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobile numbers, if you are a Virgin Media customer; landline calling offers, several mobile minutes, and so many more deals to look forward to. Big Data and Text offers include several text benefits to other numbers, unlimited data offers, and even air time offers based on the plan that you decide to choose for yourself. Customers also have the choice of placing their orders for a free SIM over the Internet, to enjoy the benefits of a free SIM from Virgin Mobile. So, wait not and avail these offers immediately.