Tutorial guide: Upgrade the Galaxy S3 I9300 to Android 4.0.4 XXBLG8 firmware

Samsung Galaxy S III’s Android 4.0.4 builds XXBLG8 was launched over Samsung KIES for a few countries. Here is the way of rooting the firmware with some CF- Root package by making use of ODIN. If one is used to mount official updates via ODIN on the devices of Samsung Galaxy, then this must not be anything different for anyone.


Galaxy S3 I9300


  • This particular tutorial of root method is meant especially for Samsung Galaxy S3 19300. Caution must be taken of not trying it on the various other variants available of the phone.
  • One must ascertain the fact of backing up the entire data in one’s phone prior to proceeding as some precaution. As do data would be lost then.

Stepwise instructions

Step1 – Begin with downloading CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.zip for Galaxy S III to one’s computer and thereafter extracting its zip file.

Step 2 – If necessary, then one must certainly download ODIN v1.85 .

Step 3 – The subsequent step is to switch off the phone. Reach the download mode of the phone. This is done by holding the home button as well as the volume down button together, and thereafter pressing the power button until the construction Android robot as well as a triangle is visible. One must press power once again as a confirmation of entering into the download mode.

Step 4 – All the essential Galaxy S3 USB drivers must be well installed on one’s computer.

Step 5 – Follow the process by opening ODIN on one’s computer. Continue by connecting the phone to the computer, while the phone remains in the Download phase.

Step 6 – Once the phone gets connected successfully, meanwhile one of the boxes of ID: COM would turn to yellow with some COM port number. This step might be time taking.

Step 7 – Now go about selecting the file of root package which is to be flashed or installed on one’s phone. These files are needed to be located from the files extracted in the very first step.

Step 8 – In the screen of ODIN, check for the options of Auto Reboot as well as F. Reset Time. No other option must be touched.

Step 9 – Next step is to snap the Start button found in ODIN. The process of installation will begin and its completion would be taking some time.

Step 10 – Once the process of installation completes, the phone will restart. Once the home screen appears, unplug the phone from the computer.

Thus following all the above mentioned steps sincerely would certainly help in successfully rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 on the innovative Android 4.0.4 build XXBLG8 update of the software. One must check for the app of Superuser given in the list of apps in order to verify. In order to ensure that the phone has been rooted accurately, one can certainly check for it online with some verification link.