Top 5 Android apps You will Miss in the Kindle Fire

Amazon has come up with its Android Tabs, the Kindle Fires. These tabs are some of the best ones with lot of applications and they come at a really low price. But the only disadvantage is that it is not certified by Google. Therefore the Kindle Fires use the Amazon’s Application store which offers 50,000 applications compared to 600,000 applications available in Google Application store.

Top 5 Android apps You will Miss in the Kindle Fire


Dropbox is a cloud storage tool which allows user to create folders in computers or tabs. Dropbox then synchronises the folder so that user can gain access to the file from any other computers or from any androids. This application provides user 2GB of free space. So dropbox is a very important application which is not available on Kindle Fire. The Dropbox application from android market is efficient to work in Kindle Fire. But the problem is that the bottom control buttons cannot be used as it is blocked due to Kindle Fire’s on-screen buttons. But the application runs. So Kindle Fire must have this application on its list.

Dolphin Browser HD

Kindle Fire has its own Amazon Silk web browser. But the Dolphin Browser is something recent tabs like Fires should have. The speed and page rendering of this browser is simply great. It supports multi touch gestures and also runs Adobe Flash on an android phone. It also has features like:-

  • Dolphin Sonar with which the user can give voice commands to navigate and search without even using the key pad.
  • Gesture Browsing which helps user to customise gestures for individual websites like “T” for Twitter and others.
  • Webzine which displays web contents in the format of a magazine.
  • Tabbed Browsing with the help of which user can switch between the web pages.

So in short, not including this application may be treated as a negative point for the Fires.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Nowadays picture editing is a very common practice among all the people. Missing Adobe Photoshop Touch in the recent tabs is a great downfall. This recent application developed by Adobe for androids is wonderful. The well supplied tool box and the surprising features of this application are awesome. It is a very user friendly application. The photos edited or corrected are of same quality as it is done in desktop. Also the files can be opened in the desktop. This application should have been included in the Fire Tabs.


Widget is one of the most popular features in an android phone. It is a stand-alone application that can be used by embedding it with any site. It gives the informations like the weather report, embeds within itself few gadgets frequently used such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Profile, music player, settings and other. Widget is really handy and should be installed in all the android phones and tablets.


MoboPlayer is the most robust video player suited for android. It plays all the common video formats along with subtitles. Kindle Fire is very limited in hardware decoding of videos. This player is very fast player which includes handy features such as, ability to change aspect ratio without disturbing the video and the ability to play the files specified by the user. This player is not included in the Amazon Applications. This has to be installed from the android market. But the volume toggle is a problem. This application should have been integrated with the Kindle Fires.

There are many other Android apps you will miss in the Kindle Fire  like Instagram, Groupon, Firefox, Screen Filter, Speedtest and others.