Top 5 Android Apps for Your Tablet

A new Tablet comes with a bagful of expectations as the buyer would naturally like to showcase the best model to people around and make them believe that the Top 5 Android Apps for your Tablet are there in it. The Android market has now turned into a rage with thousands of applications available online some of which would force us to shell out money for them whereas other ones to the delight of the customer would be available for free.  Some of them are Plume, Google Currents, Plex Multiplayer, Komik, Amazon Kindle App, Angry Birds, Facedroid and many others. There are varieties of application which enhance the utility of the device. Highlighted here is a list of Top 5 Android Apps for Your Tablet.

Top 5 Android apps for Your Tablet

Best Android Apps for Your Tablet Dolphin Browser HD Dolphin Browser HD has fast processing speed, good not only for Android Tablet but for Smartphones too. It is ideal for browsing, bookmarking and for other preferences as this app processes immediately. It is not only popular for Android based device but also for on iOS platform. Its gesture based control has made this browser popular and useful for all types of users. Install Dolphin Browser HD


Android app for your tablet Skitch is one of the best Android app for Drawing. Sketching apps always seems to be important for any device user. As is evident from its name, you can create sketches or take screenshots and pictures by Tablet Camera and create some note with the help of the Evernote feature on your sketches and make it beautiful. Install Skitch

Amazon Kindle App

top 5 Android apps for your tablets Amazon Kindle App is a famous e-book reader app and this site provides us many useful category of e-books. Tablets are strong and better consumers of e-books as they have wide screens, so books can be opened widely and can be read in a better way. You can read newspaper too with the help of Amazon Kindle.

Plex Media Player

Plex Media Player is another must app for your Android based tablet. By using Plex Media Player you can download, upload, and search videos, photos, images, music. Plex requires Android OS 2.1+.  You can watch ALL TV Shows with the aid of Plex media player


Plume is a customizable Twitter app. It is the best app to operate Twitter, its old name was Touiteur, but later on request of Twitter its name had been changed to Plume, It almost never crashes and also has many functions including Tweet Streaming. There are some issues with view like when we stay on Timeline View we can not see direct coming messages but still it is extremely popular. These were some important Android appswhich will enrich your gadget experience. You can load app for games too like Cloud Sheep for gaming. There are innumerable applications that add to your experience and are greatly a matter of personal choice.

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