Android appears to be the catch phrase for this Smartphone exerting generation as now we all seek through the internet, trying to get some perfect apps for us. Even though, it appears that the application stores are generally filled with plenty of apps that satisfy the preferences of boys only but, you can even find some Android apps devoted to enhance a girl’s life and make it more amusing. Here’s a list of such Android apps, committed solely to girls:

Check Your Cosmetic

Check my Cosmetic

Check my Cosmetic

Check Your Cosmetic” is the one of the most reliable and helpful mobile application for your Android Phones, designed specifically for examining the validity and soundness of the cosmetic you are using. All you need to do to type the brand name of the product along with its batch code. . Batch code is either located at the bottom or may be ink printed on the cosmetic. After entering these facts, you will be automatically updated with the date of production along with its shelf life and date of expiry of that particular product. This app covers more than 54 well-known brands.

Period Calendar / Tracker

Period Calendar / Tracker is one of the most admired app by the girls. It provides features like Cycle Tracker, Period follower and Backup your period.  Its unique designed diary holds 43 indications and 65 tempers to choose. It even supports a mode of pregnancy, forewarnings for fertility and periods. It covers all the health aspects which make it very-popular among the girls.

Anime Girl – PuzzleBox

Anime Girl – PuzzleBox is actually a jigsaw mystery game app. It is designed particularly to amuse the girls. All you have to do is move the move the parts to the correct position to reconstruct the riddle. As you move forward, the riddle gets harder. You can save the solved riddles to use them as your wallpapers or to share them on Facebook, twitter etc. It even provides a hint box to assist you in solving the puzzles. You can even form your own riddle games along with images.

Stylish Girl – Fashion Closet

All girls who have grown up adoring popular brands like Dior or Gucci, then this is actually the perfect style app for them. Other than the very well-known online shopping quality, you can even duplicate your attire with the help of this particular app so that without trudging all through your wardrobe at the last instant, you can drag out any outfit via this application. This virtual attire maintains a list of your acquisitions, so that you don’t buy any outfit that you already have.

Star Girl

It is one of most exciting apps developed for the girls. It holds a wide range of stylish attire and accessories. It offers amusing games to play and earn money as well. The three major career opportunities include singer, model and actress. You can even flirt, go on blind dates, or have a conversation with superstars via Star Chat.

The good news is that you can install all the above mentioned apps free of charge from the Google Play store. So, all girls must download these top 5 apps on your android phones to make your life more exciting and amusing!

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