Are you looking for apps that will help you to make some cash? Founded in 2010, StartApp is a leading monetization solution, which became famous primarily because of the fact that it introduced a whole new concept of search monetization in the industry of mobile applications. The application has now, over the years, gained so much popularity that it can be found in as many as one in every five Android smartphone and tablets located worldwide. These, combined with several other very interesting features have made this monetization application one of the very best as well as the most widespread independent search distribution networks available in the world.


The StartApp solution, surprisingly user friendly and unobtrusive, is one of the very few alternative monetizing app solutions that had been developed when the developers themselves started facing problems along with the disruption and disturbance caused by in-app advertisements. It is also interesting to note that implementing the StartApp search monetization platform is quite easy and uncomplicated as well. Just as you attach the StartApp SDK to your app, it will guide you through the implementation guide and within five steps, you are ready to use it. You will earn money each time some Android user downloads and installs your app.

The payment schemes for partial and full integration, however, differ for obvious reasons. For each new US user who downloads a partial integration, you are going to earn 0.04 USD. In case a user outside US downloads your app and installs your app, you get to earn 0.008 USD per download. Moreover, for each returning user, you will earn 0.003 USD regardless of their location. On the other hand, for each new US user who gets a full integration, you will earn 0.055 USD and for each download from a non-US user, you earn 0.01 USD. A returning user gets you 0.01 USD regardless of their location.

Now comes the interesting part. With the amazing success of the previous Exit ads, developers have been highly satisfied and are looking for newer things to impress you. Naturally, for an explosively progressing company like this one, one successful milestone was not enough to satiate the thirst for more. The most recent addition that these esteemed developers have been able to make was the new 3D Exit ad wall. This is an app that, when you exit an application, will show you an exciting interactive 3D App Wall that will provide you with promotions of free apps.

These unique 3D Exit Wall ads are developed as a component of the Exit Ad SDK. They are supposed to appear in rotation with the other regular advertisements. Once you incorporate the 3D Exit Wall app, users who download your app will be able to see a beautiful three-dimensional version of our application wall, featuring a comprehensive list of the free apps that the user can download.

One of the most noted perks of our 3D Exit Wall App has been the increased eCPM because of its attractive design. Made exclusively available to StartApp developers, this was all that you were waiting for and more.