The idea of spying someone seems absurd. But snooping around is logical to have the check on kids and employees!

Today, the smartphone has become the core necessity for everyone; from kids to oldies. The users always keep them locked with passwords. It is very obvious that your kid won’t let you peek inside their personal chat rooms. You are not hampering their personal space. You just want them to be safe!


In an office, employees waste most of the time on surfing internet. Of course, being an employer, you can’t make them ruining the office properties.

So, is there any way to prevent above cited scenarios? Yes, you just need Hoverwatch; a text spy app!

Why Should You Choose Hoverwatch?

After reading these benefits, you can resist trying out Hoverwatch!

Geolocation Tracking

When anyone gets in trouble, first we tend to find his/her location. If we approach telecommunication or mobile manufacturer, the chances of getting information are less. No need to worry when you have Hoverwatch!

With this application, you can have precise insights about the phone’s user. The software does it by using the nearby GPS or Wifi signals. Isn’t amazing?

SMS & MMS Recording

There is no way you can lure your kids. They won’t ever allow you to check their texts. But with Hoverwatch, not only you receive access to entire conversations, but also images which have been shared.

If someone is harassing your kid or employee, you can know it via this monitoring app. You can see the date, time, name and number of sender or recipient.

WhatsApp Tracking

In offices, employees commonly make fun of their bosses. And Whatsapp is the most popular channel for this kind of activities. Being an employer, you must not want this type of environment in your office. You can avoid it by using Hoverwatch.

You can check entire Whatsapp conversations on Hoverwatch’s cPanel. This app lets you download files shared including images, videos, and audio calls, etc.

For beginners, the interface may look like rocket science. But it is damn easy. After using the live demo at will clear your doubts.

Facebook Tracking

Just like Whatsapp, people commonly use Facebook for social networking. Someone may be trolling your kid or employee on Facebook; you can’t let that happen. But how would you know about it?

In this regard, Hoverwatch is a great help. Within few clicks, you can have access to all Facebook texts sent from a target device.

Call Recording

In a market, most spying apps work one dimensionally. Hoverwatch is a complete package, that’s why it is the most preferred choice!

Its services are not limited to text only. You can ever record the incoming and outgoing calls done on target smartphone. Even the user has deleted the call history; you can still get it via this app!

Stealth Mode

And the best part, you can snoop around without leaving a trace!

Summing Up!

Hoverwatch is considered as the best spying app for its premium features. With this monitoring app, you can track calls and texts very easily. Monitoring can be expanded to Facebook and Whatsapp too, via Hoverwatch!

By now, you must be convinced of using Hoverwatch. Otherwise, you can check out its free trial for further assurance!