Everyone needs the best gamepad based on their gaming needs. If you want a Gamepad to play on PS3 or Android Mobile, There are plenty of them available at a budget price. As we all know sometimes Gamepad is the best way to play on PC ( Fifa Lovers Know it very well ???? ) That is the reason I am reviewing Gamesir G3W Gamepad ????

Links for Buying the Gamepad would be at the end of the article.

The Gamepad Im reviewing today is the best gamepad for budget heads because it only costs only $25 and the only thing people dont like about it is, it is a wired gaming controller but guys, if you have a wireless gamepad, sooner or later the battery will die but the wired gamepad will last longer, So, that is the reason I always suggest a wired gaming controller than a wireless controller.

Gamesir has made several gamepads before also like the Gamesir G3S Gamepad, which is wireless and is also a great gamepad to play many games, but as I mentioned before that why we should not buy wireless gamepads but then also it rocks ????

Now, After So much of talks Lets move to our Gamepad which I am going to review today.

Gamesir G3W Gamepad (Wired)

There are a lot of gamepads in just $25 but I am considering this Gamepad for the ones who are planning to buy it. I purchased the Gamesir G3W Gamepad from Amazon.com for $25 and again thanks for Amazon for its great delivery speed and a genuine and a quality product ????

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The Gamesir G3W Gamepad is a wired gamepad and is not wireless like the Gamesir G3S Gamepad. The Gamepad looks quite similar to the G3S but is really good in just $25. The Gamepad supports Plug & Play and has a design which makes it stylish and easy to hold in hand.

I Played around 5 Games with this gamepad back to back on my Friends PC. I Played Fifa 15, GTA V, NFS Most Wanted 2012, Mortal Kombat and WWE 2k14. I would say that all the games played really good, and I has been severely shocked about it.


This Gamepads responsiveness is seriously really very good. It is like Just Press and at the same moment it responses, and that is the best thing about this Gamepad.

Another thing that I like about the Gamesir G3W  Gamepad is that it supports Multiple Platforms. It can be played with Android/PC or a PlayStation 3 also.

Here are the Working Modes of the Gamesir G3w Gamepad: Android standard/D-input/X-input. The Gamepad also supports Vibration, which makes the user experience much more friendly. The Gamepad has buttons termed as the Xbox buttons which make it more compatible with games like Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

Looks and Grip of the Gamesir G3W Gamepad

The Gamepad looks really very stylish in hand ( it looks like the G3S Gamepad ) and its design makes it really easy to hold + the buttons are also really very easily accessible.

Will I Suggest to buy the Gamesir G3W Gamepad?

Hell Yeah! The Gamepad is really good and has surprisingly great build quality despite having a cheap price. The Links for Buying the Gamepad are down below, so if you liked this gamepad, Do buy it from the link down below to get a bit discount.


The Gamepad is really good and I would suggest everyone to buy this gamepad. So, Buy the Gamepad from the link  Down Below.