Manufacturers cannot escape from the way the telecommunications industry is set up around the holiday period. Mobile phone technology, like many other consumer electrical items, can get a boost from the rush in spending during the run up to Christmas. And since so many contracts are set up with a new phone, given as a gift over the festive season, so they expire and consumers look to the market once more to assess the latest developments with mobile devices. The Christmas of 2012 looks set to be just the same and the latest releases from manufacturers are designed to catch the eye over the peak buying period.

Get it right and the rewards will speak for themselves through the coming year, but for telecommunications companies that fail to match the demands of technology focused customer it can spell a long winter. Launched as early as May, Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone has sold consistently and looks to remain at the forefront of consumer’s minds in the coming months.

Utilizing Android technology, the S III which is pre-installed with a number of standard applications, including Gmail and Voice Search, obtained over 9 million orders prior to its launch. Refreshing their product for consumers looking for something new, Samsung have recently announced a new version of their popular model, known as the Galaxy Music Smartphone, with dedicated functions for music lovers. Hitting the market later than the S III, in September 2012, Apple’s iPhone 5 was designed to outstrip its rivals in the run up to Christmas.

The iPhone 5 utilizes Apple’s new version of its user interface, iOS 6, and a new chipset in the phone’s hardware. Meanwhile HTC unveiled its latest product, the Desire X in August, boasting a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor. No launch date for the entry level smartphone has yet been given, but HTC will undoubtedly want it stocked with retailers prior to the yuletide rush.

As before, HTC aim to offer customers a product with much of the functionality of better known brands but at a lower price range. Sony’s much lauded Xperia V, launched in Berlin in August, is destined for the European market in the last quarter of 2012. The product is likely to appeal to Gamers because it allows owners to connect to its PlayStation suite of products. A waterproof version of the phone is likely to be available from early December, according to the Japanese manufacturer.