A long wait is finally over! Finally, Google has started rolling out Gmail v 4.5 update for Android. With ample new features, this new update is ready to make an entry in your Android devices. It means that now you can install new Gmail application on your Android handset.

With this new update, users can enjoy different inbox with categories and tabs like Promotions, social, forums and updates, slide out navigation and many more latest features. With this latest update, now there is a separate section in the settings for action confirmation. Also, the refresh button is removed and in its p;ace pull to refresh option is being used. The compose message and search buttons are also moved to the top.

new gmail for android

With many amazing new features, certainly, New Gmail for Android v4.5 is going to persuade users.

New Features

Let us a take a look at its mind-boggling new features –

  • New Slide out navigation
  • With its new inbox, the emails can be organized in five optional tabs: Primary, social, updates, forums and promotions.
  • You can customize the tabs by moving emails into diverse tabs with easy drag and drop option.
  • To refresh, you have to swipe down
  • In one click, the trash and the spam will be empty completely and with ease.

The feature of new slide out navigation makes it easy to access whatever you need, anywhere and at anytime. This new update by Google was planned to reveal after a few days, but Android police snatched the APK and make it easily available for downloading. You can get the new Gmail in your Android, by just going to Google play store and get the update from there.

Article Source- Androidpolice, Image source- GSMarena