Karbonn A30 Review, Features and Price in India

Karbonn A30 is now the ultimate choice of tablet cum phones that will mesmerize you, in case you have that fetish for size. It is the final choice in the range of indigenous products that promise to satiate your needs and greed to the most. Karbonn A30 has the largest screen among all phone cum tablets in the world at the present moment. It is full of features as it is big in size; the Karbonn A30 is not just in for the show, it performs as well.

karbonn a30

Karbonn A30

Karbonn A30 Display

As mentioned earlier, the best aspect of this phone cum tablet is a 5.9 inches large display screen. It has TFT LCD screen sporting a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. The screen a capacitative one, which is an extremely state of the art feature. It is fully equipped with the ability to play 1080 pixels high definition videos. Additionally, it must be mentioned here, that the navigation from one page of a document to the next is just a different kind of joyride altogether.

Karbonn A30 Software

The Karbonn A30 runs on a 1 Giga Hertz Cortex A9 CPU processor, dual core in nature. It is also aptly complimented with a 512 mega byte RAM. Performance and speed, therefore, are two things that you no longer need to worry about any more. You can run as many applications as you want, for as long as you want, without having to worry about the tax you would be tolling on the processor. Multitasking is the new mantra.

Karbonn A30 Camera

Karbonn A30 sports a magnificent 8 megapixel primary camera. The front camera is equally compatible with a 1.3 megapixel resolution. It is fit and suitable for video chats and exceptionally high quality photos and videos. An added advantage of the phone cum tablet is that it is very handy in case you want a self-portrait.

Karbonn A30 Other Applications

Karbonn A30 is equipped with features like proximity sensor, G-sensor as well as ambient light sensor. Pre-installed applications include ET, Paytm, NexGTV, Gtalk, Google Maps, GPS, Gmail, Y-Messenger, YouTube, WhatsApp, TOI, Saavn music, Wechat and Kingsoft office.

Karbonn A30 Connectivity

The connectivity features of the phone cum tablet include EDGE, GPRS, HSPA (3G), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as USB. An added advantage of this phone is that the Wi-Fi, after enabled, has the capability of working as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The USB port is also capable of working as a USB modem.

Karbonn A30 Memory

The phone cum tablet has an internal storage of 2 GB. It can be expanded up to 32 GB, which is quite ample, considering everything.

Karnbonn A30 Price

It is priced at 11,550 INR at the present.


All in all, the Karbonn A30 phone cum tablet is extremely suitable and convenient for Indian users. It that sense, it is indeed worth the money and therefore, a must buy.


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