Update Galaxy GIO S 5660 with Official Value Pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 Firmware

There is good news for Samsung Galaxy GIO users; the official value pack Gindgerbread is all set to jazz up their Smartphones. Of course, if you have downloaded the unofficial custom ROM version of firmware or were expecting a Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean, it is not a big deal. The official firmware has been released only in select countries and is not available to Open devices, so consumers all over the world cannot use it.

Handset Compatibility

Galaxy GIO S 5660

Samsung Galaxy GIO S 5660


The installation guide is intended to be used on Samsung Galaxy GIO S 5600 only. Using it on any other phone or model may cause undesired damage. Read the instructions thoroughly before using the guide. The information is provided solely for educational and instructional purposes so understand that we cannot guarantee how any individual device will respond to it.


  1. All data on your handset must be backed up- all contacts, messages, media files, apps etc. Do not use KIES as it doesn’t detect firmwares released outside your country.
  2. Enable debugging by going to Settings> Applications> Development> USB debugging.
  3. Charge you battery so that the phone doesn’t shut off mid-operation.
  4. Turn off all the Anti-Virus suites as they may interrupt the installation process.

Installation Guide

  1. Download Value Pack XXKTL 2.3.6 Package and Odin Pack for S 5660 in your desktop. After that, run the Odin Pack on your computer and extract the XXKTL Package on your desktop. Once Odin is opened, turn off the phone so it can be launched into Download Mode.
  2. You can enter the Galaxy GIO S 5660 in Download Mode by pressing down the Volume Down button and the Home key button simultaneously and switch your device on.
  3. Connect the phone to your desktop using a good USB cable and you will find that the ID : COM section has turned yellow. This indicates that all the drivers have been successfully installed.
  4. Click on “OPS” in odin and select “GIO_v10.ops”. Now at the bottom of Odin, click on “One Package” and select the “S5660XXKTL_S5660XXKT7_S5660DBTKT1_HOME.tar.md5” file that has been extracted in the first step.
  5. After selecting the files, click the Start tab which will start the firmware is updated. After the update, the phone restarts and the progress bar will help you track the update.


Neither Androidfirm nor the author is to be held responsible for the potential damage this guide may bring to your gadget.