How to root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Kindle Fire HD is actually quite a new product and some developers had suggested that the device is going to be immune to hacks. The tablet may have been given a lot of modifications to make it appear distinctly Amazon, it remains an Android gadget and Android gadgets can be rooted and modified at ease. So it is really not surprising that hackers from the XDA developers have already figured out a way to root the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.

Handset Compatibility

 Kindle Fire HD 7


The rooting guide must to be used on the 7 inch model of Amazon Kindle Fire HD only. Using it on any other gadget or model may cause undesired damage. Please read the instructions thoroughly before using the guide. The information is provided solely for educational and instructional purposes, so understand that we cannot guarantee how any individual device will respond to it. Before you start on this guide, though, you should probably learn more about rooting and get a good idea of the glossary of rooting terms. It is important to be thoroughly aware of rooting process and its technicalities before you perform such an overhaul on your tablet. You must understand the liabilities of such a process and the harm it may render to your precious gadget. Only when you are completely sure of the pros and potential cons should you elect to go through the process.


  1. Enable ADB on your Kindle Fire HD by going to Menu > More > Settings > ADB.
  2. Install handset USB drivers on your PC. You can install the Kindle Fire drivers package.
  3. Disable all security software, antivirus and firewall or any other software that had access to your phone because they can interfere with the rooting procedure.
  4. Backup all valuable, personal data on your Fire HD because this procedure may erase such data.

Rooting Guide

  1. Download Qemu Root Tool in your PC and extract in the computer.
  2. Connect the tablet to the computer using the tablet’s USB cable.
  3. On the computer, double click on the RootQemu.bat file that has been extracted from the downloaded root tool package.
  4. To start the rooting process, key in number 1 into the Qemu Automated Root Tool window. The said window will pop up after you launch the program.
  5. Instructions will be provided on the screen to help you root your Kindle Fire HD. Read and understand them clearly before you execute each step and in no time, you will have your tablet rooted.


Neither Androidfirm nor the author is to be held responsible for the potential damage this guide may bring to your gadget.