In January 2013, the United States unemployment rate was 7.9%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With that many people looking for work, the stacks of resumes’ can be daunting. If you are hoping there is a better way, well, there is. Although most businesses have a Human Resource department or person who handles all the calls and inquiries on the latest job openings, most companies are inundated with the amount of applications they receive on any open positions.

Eliminating the candidates who do not fit the criteria can take days or even weeks. Most businesses have scaled back and their staff members have already absorbed other positions that were cut from the payroll. That leaves these current employees already juggling more than their share of the everyday operations. Add to that the need to find someone to fill an empty position and the entire process can be overwhelming. That is where utilizing Recruitment Software could make all the difference in finding the right candidate for the job. Imagine being able to check off the must haves and skill set to get the most qualified candidates. If you need that person to have a knowledge base that makes them more easily trained on the way your operation works, there are measures you can take.

Finding the Right Person for the Job

Finding the Right Person for the Job

How Do You Narrow the Field?

Utilizing the software and taking the time to spell out exactly what you are looking for in the applicants will make the rest of the process that much easier. Do they need a degree or will work experience be enough? You have the option to make that decision. If there is specific training they need to do their job, add it to the list. What about licenses? If you want your new employee to adapt to your work environment quickly you can add all the skills and experience they need to make that smooth transition.

Who Will Be the Perfect Fit?

After you have determined all the skills, experience and education your company requires, let the software do the work for you. When the most qualified applicants are determined and you still have a significant amount left you can add additional filters to bring that pile down to a manageable number. Now you are ready to take the next step. Phone interviews are a great way to eliminate additional candidates. Ask the right questions and let their answers help you decide who you are willing to bring in for a face to face interview. Have your questions prepared in advance but be prepared to ask additional questions if their response warrants it. If you have adequate staff or the new addition will be working under a specific supervisor you may want to include the supervisor in the process. The candidate you like best may be the best fit for you but not for the department where they will spend most of their time. All aspects of the job need to be considered. Once the interviews are completed it should be clear who will be the best person for the job. Look at the candidates objectively and imagine working with them on a daily basis. If you can see them working with you and your staff and being a good fit them make the call to offer them a position. One small bit of advice: Do not call your second choice and tell them they did not get the position until you have verified with your top candidate that they will accept the job.