Android Apps for Kids 

Android has undoubtedly become the most popular and widely used operating system. Google the founder of Android claims that operating system has something or the other to offer to people from all walks of life be it youth, aged or kids. Be it a smart phone a tablet or any other gadget kids are crazy for device or OS that offers maximum gaming and entertainment applications. So let us have a look at what Android has in store for these game lovers.

Top 5 Android Apps for Kids

Android Apps for Kids

Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

The app offers puzzles to kids within the age group of three to six that are entertaining and educational at the same time. Kids Preschool Puzzle LiteThe kids can spend hours solving these puzzles and at the same time increases their knowledge about different basic shapes and making the mind more active. It enhances shape recognition and visual spatial skills of the children. The game is easy to play and is available at the Play store. The free version has around 20 puzzles while the pro version offers many more simple puzzles.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most popular gaming applications for people of all age groups. The game is very interesting and can kill hours while playing. Angry_BirdsAs the name suggests the game is based on birds that plan a revenge on pigs that ate their eggs. The graphics and sounds of the pigs and birds are hilarious. Different series of Angry Birds are available in the Android Play Store free of cost and each of them is a total fun filled package.

Talking Friends

One of the most enjoyable and innovative entertainment applications is the Talking Friends. Many talking friends are available like talking Tom (cat), Talking Pierre (parrot), talking Santa and many more. The common thing with all of these is that they all are very enjoyable and funny. They imitate what you speak in different sounds and also have some other funny features. The app is available free of cost but the ad free version with all unlocked features is paid.

My Piano

My Piano is the best rated app for music lovers. The application provides an almost real piano playing experience. Kids can play piano for hours and also enjoy the music. The app supports multi touch thus making it appropriate for kids playing a musical instrument like piano. The sound quality of the app is very good and also provides plenty of other features.


This app is not for entertainment purpose it is very useful and aimed at the academics of the kids. HomeWorkThe app can be used to schedule the home work and lessons. Reminders can be set for revision during exams and it enables the kids to manage their time properly. The app works best on a tablet.

Android truly has a lot to offer to the kids from entertainment to academics, playing instruments to gaming the operating system has tried its best to come up to the expectation of everyone. Kids can both learn and enjoy at the same time; supervision of adults is though always required when we are dealing with anything related to kids.