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Review of Gamesir G3W Gamepad

Everyone needs the best gamepad based on their gaming needs. If you want a Gamepad to play on PS3 or Android Mobile, There are plenty of them available at a budget price. As we all know sometimes Gamepad is the best way to play on PC (

How to use Dsploit for session hijacking

DSploit is a extremity software developed by Simone Margaritelli for the Android in leisure motion system. It consists of several modules that are clever to be adjoining upon network security assessments more or less wireless networks. It allows you to argument tasks such as, network mapping, vulnerability

Real Review, Price and Specs Of Micromax Canvas Turbo

The Canvas Turbo is the first Smartphone manufactured by Micromax with a complete HD display. Apart from the display segment, this phone has some other impressive features to stand in the competition. But before we start reviewing this phone, let’s have a look at the box of

How to Change the Housing of a Samsung Galaxy Note

We all know how expensive phone insurance can be, although sometimes it can be worth the money – especially if you’re getting one of the more expensive phones on the market, and especially if you’re taking out a 2 year contract – that’s a long time to

Wondershare MobileGo for Android: Another Interesting Android manager

Wondershare MobileGo for Android has a lot of utilities which the Android users should know in order to work out better functioning of the phone. What Wondershare MobileGo for Android essentially performs is the function of restoring the phone backup details which are very important to a

All you need to know about the confusing world of 4G spectrums

The rollout of lightning-fast 4G mobile internet in the UK has been big news, as each network launches its own services and packages. EE 4G broadband, of course, was the very first to dominate the 4G market in the UK, but other providers have since introduced their

Will Tablets Replace PCs in the Office?

Tablets have become enormously popular over recent years ever since Apple launched the iPad in 2010. Although they are a lot smaller than laptops and desktop computers, they have cut into the PC market and are slowly taking over. However, while many people are now choosing a

Micromax launches the quad-core Canvas Tab for Rs. 16,500

After the Micromax big success with its Canvas series, Micromax has given its brand name to the tablet. Aiming the youth, the domestic handset maker Micromax now had launched its first ever tablet PC in its Canvas series for Rs 16,500 & it is obtainable in stores all

Risks involved in Rooting Your Android Phone

Rooting is a very common term use every now and then, although, presently yet there are a number of people who do not know what is rooting or do not have any clear idea about it. When we are talking about rooting let us first know what

Back from the Brink – Resuscitating Dead Gadgets

We’ve all had at least one gadget-related disaster in our lives, whether it’s a phone dropped down the loo, or a fragile piece of tech that you hear crunch just a moment before you realise you’ve sat on it. Some such incidents are utterly catastrophic, with no