For sports freaks, it is nothing but Live Streaming that stands important over anything else. Through Google Play, this dream has been made easier especially by having Android Apps on smart phones. Almost any kind of sports games can be streamed online through Sport Live Pro App found on Google play.

Best Android app for Live Streaming: Sports Live Pro

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Sports Live Pro is an Android App designed to be able to run on many Android devices including Tabs, Smart phones and others. It is known to stream almost all kinds of games online for free! Some of the most popular sports that can be featured on this app include Cycling, Football, Baseball, Golf, Basketball, Table tennis, Cricket, Wrestling, Ice hockey, Moto, Snooker, Hockey, and Soccer etc. These are just a few of those that can be listed here.

It is one of the largest sports channels on the go, for free. Through latest mobile technology, it has become very simple to stream online.

Steps involved enabling live streaming of sports on an Android device

First and most important thing to do is to download the app on the Android device through Google Play Store.

Then, a suitable website is needed to connect and broadcast the sport that is to be watched. Due to availability of several free and paid options, the streaming is much easier and faster.

Sports Live Stream App from LuckyAppz has a huge collection of sporting events like NFL, NBA, Bundesliga, Premiere League and NHL. An interesting feature about the app is that it updates the links automatically to prevent interruption and thus, providing a good user experience.

The other apps that are close competitors for Sport Live Stream are Sport TV Original by SportOnNet co and Sop Cast. These apps provide latest news and scores of sports like rugby, handball, and even ping pong and adding other qualities like clean interface and ease of navigation.

Sports TV Original is new to the market yet aiming high. It supports Android 4 ICS. Currently, this app is scoring well on reviews. It requires internet connection just like all the other live streaming apps. However, only flash supported links can be watched. The browser used for running the app should have adobe flash player installed.

Sports Live Pro, not to be confused with Sports Live Stream, has been rated as the best sports live streaming app so far on Google Play Store through reviews from users. It is the top sports app in USA. The current rating for this app is 4.0 out of possible 5.0.  The latest updates of the app include Sky Sports 3, BeinSport1, Wrestling tv and some other features like layout improvements. The current version is 6.0.4 and it runs on Android 2.2 and above. This app is constantly updated with additional great quality features to make it more interesting.


The online apps surely have taken up a highly important place in the users’ lives. However, to be considered useful, the creators of apps are required to be extra cautious and extra innovative with the design, compatibility and features and overall great user experience that can decide the app’s fate in one go. Sports Live Pro has been rated best so far. However, with possibility of upcoming sport live streaming apps; there is always a chance for the other app to take over. The users could decide what gives them the best sports experience.