The Nook HD tablet was introduced by Barnes and Noble and it has created a buzz due to its great features and affordability. With Android 4.0 operating system and a dual core, 1.5GHz and ARM Cortex-A9 processor, it is packed with more punch than its predecessors. The screen is an impressive IPS 9inch one with 1920 x 1280 resolution. Looks wise, it has not changed much but it has been given a coat of a material that is leathery to give users a better grip. The Nook HD has been designed to be simple and comfortable to use. There are no fancy frills, making it functional yet easy on the eyes. Its weight is distributed evenly which makes it easy for users to hold it with one hand. On the home screen, all the apps and recent books are displayed which it makes it easy for users to go immediately go back to what they were doing when they last used the tablet. It has a library screen where all the different categories are organized neatly. So you get books, newspapers, magazines, etc. arranged neatly, making them easy to access.

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Nook HD

The tablet was designed to allow users to read books, magazines, etc. without the need for an actual book. The Nook HD does not disappoint in this regard as users can control it easily. Pages can be bookmarked and highlighted. All one needs to do is give a little tap at the bottom part of the screen and the menu screen pops up. Reading is given a face-lift with this tablet. You get multi-media features in the tablet. Movies and music can be watched and listened to on the Nook HD and the sound is clear especially for a portable device. The speakers are of great quality. While you will not find too many options when it comes to apps for music and movies, you do not lose out on much as the tablet was designed more for reading than anything else.

The Nook HD has given its competition a run for their money. Many users who have tried out other tablets gave this gadget the thumbs up in terms of features, ease of use and affordability. The only thing that is missing is a camera but this is not a big deal. What matters most is that you can get the best experience reading all the books that you love.