A properly trained staff means less uncompleted work around the office. It also means you’ll be able to give a better productivity report to the higher-ups. This may lead to a fancy promotion for you and the people on your team. Well trained employees are ideal, but it’s much easier to want them then to get them. If you’re really interested in improving your team’s skill level, you need to implement ideas that have been proven to do so. Here are a few proven employee training techniques.


Hold Seminars And Workshops/ Use A Minimal Amount Of Interns

Employees, especially ones who are strait out of college or training, may have forgotten some of what they where trained to do. Instead of hiring a bunch of unpaid interns to train and then hire, pay real employees a decent wage while training them along the way. You’re never going to get as much work out of an intern as you will from a full-fledged worker.

Interns aren’t willing to work as hard for a number of reasons. It’s not just that they aren’t getting paid, or are getting paid very little. It also has to do with the lack of job security. They will be more willing to learn what you have to teach them if they know they’ll be getting a steady, decent paycheck for it.

Make sure the seminars are held during working hours. No one wants to stay after to sit through a lecture. All it takes is a half hour one day a week to improve the skill level of your employees, which is one of the most beneficial employee training techniques. In the end, you’ll be gaining more productivity than you’re sacrificing.

Give Every Trainee A Trainer

You can’t take on the responsibility of addressing every, single problem the new employees have. Instead, use your more experienced employees to train the new ones. Make sure you let them know that taking on a trainee will be one of their responsibilities when they’re fully trained before you hire them. If you don’t, they’ll expect a raise in pay for the extra task.

Your Trainers Will Need Some Training Too, So Will You

A full trained employee isn’t capable of being fully independent. They’ll still need to come to you if they have been asked a question by a trainee that they’re not fully equipped to answer. If the question is so challenging that you cannot answer it yourself, it may be time to bring in an expert in the area. Managers are usually equipped with all-around knowledge. Sometimes they need help from someone with a specialty on one aspect.

Never Stop Educating Yourself On Employee Training Techniques!

Successful managers are truly interested in their trade. They seek out information on how to make their team perform better. Never get bored and set in your ways. There’s always an area where you can improve and one of them is to learn new employee training techniques. You also won’t run out of new things to teach your team. If you seek the information out, you’ll be able to implement it to better your employees.