The Nexus flagship is the beautiful brainchild of Google and Huawei, showcasing the beauty of a well-designed Android. Released to critical acclaim earlier this fall, the 6P was sold out over its opening weekend. Now that online and brick and mortar stores have them back in stock, more 6Ps than ever are finding their ways into pockets, bags, and purses around the world. But as the number of Nexus users are on the rise, so too is the rate of damaged Nexus 6Ps. If you’re one of the lucky one to own this stylish phone, you can’t let an accident or carelessness ruin its look. You need to keep it protected with a carbon fiber skin.


Uncovered and untouched, the 6P has a marvellous design. Coming in three default colours of grey, blue, and black, it has a sophisticated but fun look. Beyond its style, the 6P has 5.7 inches of HD display, 3400 mAh battery, the latest Snapdragon 808 chip, and up to 32 GB of storage. All told, it’s a pretty impressive phone and one that you don’t want to give up.

The chances of you keeping this stellar phone untouched are slim to none, so you need something that will protect it while you use it. In order to make sure you phone stays as amazing as the day you got it, you need to pull out the big guns. You need to add some serious protection to your phone, but just any protective covering won’t do. Your Nexus 6P’s defence should be as impressive as the phone itself. So ditch plastic cases that compromise on style and protection. They do little more than add a bulky container for your phone to rattle around in, where excess dirt, debris, and grime can sneak into and sully your 6P.

A Nexus 6P skin, on the other hand, works in harmony with the aluminum curves and planes of your phone. Cut to measure to the exact size of the 6P, there are no excess or missing pieces leaving your phone vulnerable. It adheres to the entire phone (barring the touchscreen, of course) and is applied to the phone much like a sticker would be, and it takes up as much space as one would too. This is where its comparison to stickers ends, however, as carbon fiber skins can be removed without sticky residues. Its thin surface is also a lot more durable than the average sticker, as it can protect your phone from scratches, dings, and gouges.

When you purchase your skin from the top online retailers, you’ll see even more benefits—like the carbon fiber Nexus 6p skins by dbrand. They’re made out of 3M vinyl that provides superior grime protection and water resistance, which means it can stand up to dirty fingers and spilled café lattes. Its textured surface also gives you a bit more grip to hold onto than an uncovered 6P, giving you a better chance of keeping your phone where it belongs – in your hand or on your desk and not in a shattered heap on the floor!

When the Nexus 6P is as beautifully designed as it is, it’s your responsibility to find worthwhile protection. Don’t settle on cheap plastic cases that can ruin the design integrity of your Android. Go for a great looking skin that will keep it stylish for as long as you own it, and get a carbon fiber skin to wrap up and defend your 6P!