Today, most of the people own Smartphones with them. These handsets are not only restricted to making calls or enjoying music. Rather, these small gadgets have become a treat to enjoy. Various Android apps have and Game Killer App been created to make your cell phone increasingly entertaining.  No matter wherever you are, you can access these Android apps that too without paying any cost. There are various games that you can download for free and enjoy the game play with or without internet connectivity. Among thousands of gaming apps in the market, here are some of the best free games in Android for you:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Today, almost every kid or adult has become a fan of this game. The challenging gameplay allows you to wit out your rivals i.e. pigs and earn your score. In the mid of the gameplay, you can even work towards improving the abilities of birds in fighting the game. There are amazing power-ups that not only revive the birds but your spirits as well in indulging in the game.

Temple Run

Temple Run need no introduction. For those who have not played this game, Temple Run is all about saving the idol from the evil monkeys who are running after you. Through the tap of your fingers, you can enhance your speed in protecting the cursed idol from getting caught. This gameplay is one of the most thrilling one for those who love adventure and excitement. Many people have become addictive of this game due to its great fun value.


This regular solitaire collection is available free of charge. There are forty thieves added to make your experience more exciting. Apart from this, there are bug fixes that save you from any kind of loss. If you get stuck in any of the way, you can easily deal with just through the press of trackball.

Flow Free

This addictive puzzle game is simple to play. All you need to do is just to match the colours of pipe to create a proper flow to make sure that there is no collapse in the pipe. This gameplay is simple as well as tricky to test your skills. You can enjoy the game through funny sound effects that are heard in the background.

Hill Climb Racing

This free Android game has become the most addictive among the people. A player needs to tackle all the challenges while climbing the environments. You need to climb the hills through a car. Apart from this, there are continuous transformations taking place within the game.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is an exciting word game that allows you to make scores by indulging in word building; this game has delighted many people as they get to make strong relations with their friends as well. You always get notified about your turn in the game.


This is another Android game which is simple and easy to play. In this game, you get the chance to play with the players around the world. If you make a good score in the game, you get to earn reward or tokens. Jewels is a very addictive game and it is very difficult to keep yourself away once you start playing it.

Author’s Bio: James is a serious game lover who loves playing games at Sniper Games 365. This is his second article for Android firm and in this article he has shared 7 Best Free Android Games for your Smartphones.